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More of 30 ways to improve your life without really trying...part 4

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

16 / House Proud & want a pet... read on...

Love them - of course we do. But if you want a pet - dog, cat , an indoor pet I mean of the furry kind, then you need to get on board with the fact that your house will never be as clean again.


There will be hair. There will be mud. There will be footprints. There may even be bones or mouse organs... You're just going to have to make peace with that.

17 / Surface Clean

If you're short of time and need to clean the bathroom, like if a friends is about to pop round spontaneously (yes that does still happen!) chuck some bleach down the toilet and give the basin a wipe. Honestly - that will do. No-one else is going to notice, they're not looking to pick holes in your cleaning - if they're your friends they'll just want to come and see you!

18 / Arrange your clothes in colour order

It makes life so much easier in the morning! Organise it like a colour spectrum - you'll find yourself wanting to wear a certain colour and you'll be able to go straight to that section in your wardrobe to choose your items. Also if you can, split tops and bottoms up so you can mix and match - it'll save you loads of time.

19 / Read the instructions

They're there for a reason. Nobody gets a prize for building a piece of flatpack without using the instructions - it just makes life harder, it takes longer, and is more frustrating. Just have a flick through them, keep them to hand if you're really against them, at least that way you'll know that you have extra bolts in the kit rather than forgetting to fit one!

20 / Wear your nice underwear

What (or should I say who) are you waiting for??? Put it on when you're just popping to the shops and see how differently you feel...

You should be wearing it for YOU to feel good in, not just in case someone else sees it.

Go on - I dare you!

More next week! Jill x


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