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More of 30 ways to improve your life without really trying... part 3

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

11 / Get a window cleaner

It's Spring. The suns back - sort of. But it will be back properly really really soon. So if you don't have one - get one now. Your eyes will thank you for it. It will make everything seem a little brighter and more hopeful, and who doesn't want that?

12/ Stop putting plants in pots

Love gardening? Hate gardening? Just don't have time for gardening?

Stop putting things in puts - whilst it looks lovely and neat and seems manageable - it actually means more work for you. More watering, more nutrients, more attention = more time.

So if you don't have the time to dedicate to pots and the work they require - plant in the ground or find other ways to make your outdoor area beautiful without it asking too much of you.

13/ Have a freezer day

We all have random tupperwares in our freezer of food we thought was good enough to keep for another day. If you're lucky they're labelled -if not - it may be more of a freezer surprise day!

Either way, have a freezer day every month, preferably on a day when you're short of time anyway, you'll be grateful to spend less time cooking, less time washing up and you'll be using up leftovers which saves you a little bit of money too. It's a win!

14/ Cry more

It's really healthy. It shows strength, not weakness.

15/ Dance more

It's so liberating. Throw on your favourite tunes, close the blinds if you want, and dance like no-one's watching, shake off the stresses of the day, choose joy, even if it's just for 5 minutes. And if a room seems too big, dance in your car - even if it's just the top half!

More next week! Jill x


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