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More of 30 Simple Ways to Improve your Life without really trying... part 2

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

So this week we're on 6-10, each week I'll be adding 5 more, because... well too much too soon and all that.

6/ Invest in a heated sheet.

How old do I sound? This is one that I am so glad I did before last week. I'll paint a picture. It's January, you wake up each morning to ice on the roads, and on the car - ready to defrost in the dark just to be able to get the kids to school. We accept that this is something we have to do each winter and thats ok.

However, imagine you wake up on a Sunday morning and the first thing you feel after joy at not having to wake up and do the school run is cold. I mean bury your head back under the duvet kind of cold.

This was me last Sunday. I reached over for my phone, put the heating on and decided to wait it out for the air to warm up just a couple of degrees. Only it didn't. I could hear the boiler trying to work but nothing was happening. Fast forward to the following Wednesday and my heated sheet was my best friend. Living by day in the freezing cold was one thing (it was 6 degrees celsius in my kitchen at one point) but night time was really miserable.

We were soo glad to have heated sheets on our beds. Electricity costs are minimal, and it kept us just warm enough through the night to choose to get up the next morning. I cannot recommend them enough. Even when the heating is working I love to get into a warm bed in the winter. They cost about £50 and have paid us back so many times over. You never know when your boiler will decide to malfunction.

7/ Make your bed. Every day.

How long does it take? 2 minutes? Everyone has two minutes to make their bed in the morning. It's so much nicer to get into a made bed at night than a messy one. Takes no time, makes your room look neater and will make you feel like you're living in a hotel. Simple!

8/ Put your clothes away every night.

Similar to the last one. Take your clothes off, hang them up or put them in the drawer. Every night. Don't fling them on a chair or cast them into a corner - put them away. Again - it takes a couple of minutes - and you'll wake up in the morning feeling just a little bit smug. Enjoy the feeling.

9/ Wear Bright Colours

I'm a very recent adopter of this one. I found myself with a lot of navy/grey/black clothes in my wardrobe. I hadn't really realised it until one day I took a good look in my wardrobe and realised I didn't want to put any of my clothes on. Ever feel like that? Then I realised I wanted to wear something colourful and nothing I owned really fitted the bill, or the weather at the same time. Then I remembered seeing a jade green jumper I had liked the previous week while shopping for bras for my daughter and decided in that moment that I needed some jade green in my life. I bought it, I wore it, I felt good in it. Other people noticed I was wearing colour and commented on it. That felt good too. So I decided that this year, any clothes I buy will be colourful, maybe even patterned...

10/ Following on from the last one... Don't buy one. Buy three.

I liked it so much I went back and bought more. This particular jumper came in a variety of colours. I like how it looked on me and while I didn't need three jumpers I decided to buy two more. In equally bright and fun colours. People have suggested this in the past, but I haven't tried it before. It's a little bit life changing if I'm honest. I have purchased three items and I really feel like I have a whole new wardrobe.

More next week! Jill x


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