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How do I market myself without social media???

Updated: Feb 21

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It's like social media has taken over the world and it feels like we're all expected to fall in love with it to be able to succeed, right?! So how do you get around that if you really don't want to use social media to promote yourself?

The old school ways still work. And people believe them more too.

Marketing without Social Media - Options


Everyone still loves a recommendation. People trust the opinions of people they trust. Obviously there's things to be mindful of around the ethics of taking on clients who know other clients etc (which I'm sure you're well aware of) but if you're known as a particular type of therapist, or one who works with a particular type of client, presentation, modality, or have a certain style or way of working that will bring you to mind when someone is asking for a recommendation then you are way more likely to come to mind.

What I'm suggesting is - don't be afraid to tell people about who you are as a therapist. How you work, who you help etc etc. And don't be afraid to have your own style. You'll appeal to some people, and not to others. And that is very, very ok.


I prefer these to business cards. You can add in more information because they're larger, and that makes them a bit more personal. Adding in your photo is a good idea if you're happy to because it begins to build a picture of you in the mind of your potential client. When they contact you they'll be able to visualise you which will really help. In fact it may be the only difference between them getting in touch, or not.

Again, really think about their pain points, rather than what you can do for them. You need to shift the narrative onto them, then they'll read it and think "oh - this person already understands how I feel" which is exactly what you want.

Be sociable

Become part of your community, show up and help out with local things, join an exercise class, choir, ukelele group - whatever you like that resonates with you, and become a regular. Talk to people. Ask people about themselves, be interested, be interesting, and if the topic comes up, mention what you do and who you help. Then move on with the conversation. Being visible will make people remember you. It's not a tactic per se, more of a life style. But it will make a difference.

Connect with other Counsellors in your local area

Find out who they help so that you can refer on if someone contacts you and it's not quite the right fit. (like if they work with children and you don't for example) Once other counsellors in the area know you and your style you might pop into their head immediately when someone asks them for a recommdation that they are unable to take on themselves but that you would be totally right for. Take that time to connect, it will be a mutually beneficial experience and also great to have local peer support.

And, if you do choose to tentatively go down the social media route - read on...

  • Choose ONE platform.

  • Visualise your ideal client and when you write, write like you're talking directly to them. (like I am to you right now)

  • Share value, what content will be helpful to that potential client? Helpful enough that when the time is right it's you they contact?

  • Be consistent. Otherwise you'll come across as unreliable. Even if it means that you post content once a fortnight to begin with to get used to the idea - choose a day, and a time, and share your thoughts. Consistently.

Be patient. People can feel desperation oozing through your words. I read somewhere that it takes on average around a year to build a stable private practice.

Where are you at in terms of that year?

Believe in yourself, take your time, step out of your comfort zone and start before you're ready.

Until next time,

Jill x


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