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Attracting your First Clients!

This is what we really need to feel like we're bona fide business owners - right?

So how do we actually get our first client? Read on for my top tips, and let me know what you've found most helpful...

For most people the temptation is to HIDE. Hide behind creating a website, tell yourself that you need to set up your socials first, that you need to find a therapy room before you can possibly tell anyone what you're doing, that you need a clear business plan, you need all the admin sorted, etc etc etc. The list can go on and on....

The truth is that none of that matters.

None of that will lead to clients.

You could waste loads of time getting everything in order, live, up-to-date, working harmoniously, when actually your clients don't need any of that.

Right now - they need you.

Just you. And your time.

So, instead, focus on this:

1/ Get Clear on Your Vision.

What do you want for your business?

What impact do you want to have?

Why does what you're doing matter?

2/ Get Clear on Your Boundaries

What amount of time are you willing to spend each week with clients and what amount of time can you spend on building your business? (You should be banking on about 50/50)

Who do you want to work with?

Who don't you want to work with?

3/ Get Out There

Tell everyone what you do.

Tell yourself out loud, in the mirror, to your cat/dog/iguana how much you charge.

Get used to saying that number. Say it again and again and again. Until it feels comfortable.

If you use SM - update your personal page to tell people what you're doing. LI, IG, FB, TT

Join some groups - either on SM or F2F - so you don't get lonely.

Build Relationships.

Pick a name, don't overthink it, you can change it later. If in doubt - use your own name.

Add yourself to Google My Business so people can find you locally.

Choose ONE SM marketing channel and add to it consistently. Provide value to your audience.

4/ Get Disciplined

Take it seriously.

Set goals.

Create time to work ON your business, not just WITH your clients. Remember the 50/50 rule?

Create habits.

Be the business owner now that you see yourself being in the future.

5/ Be patient. Be consistent. Be persistent.


Get visible.

Manage your mindset.

Get out of the 'learning zone' - you already know enough.

Stop worrying about the little details - you'll work them out when you need to...

JFDI - it will never be perfect.

Much love, Jill xx


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