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Jill May

Social Media Disclaimer

I am an ICF ACC Professional Coach & Dip Couns trainee.  The content I share on social media platforms is not therapy or coaching, nor a substitute for professional support.  Following my accounts or engaging with my content does not establish a therapist / coach - client relationship.

The content I share on this account is for marketing and entertainment purposes and to nurture the social media community.  I share themes and theory based on lived experience.  Content inspired by real client experience will maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality.

As a past / present client, it is your choice to follow / unfollow my accounts or engage with content and risk exposure to my personal disclosures.  To protect ethical boundaries and honour client privacy, I do not purposefully seek client's social media (unless career coaching related).

I am unavailable to respond to all DMs and do not respond to DMs asking for my professional perspective or guidance.  I consciously engage in a limited way to grid post comments and will remove / block users that abuse this space and its intention.

The content shared on my social media accounts will not resonate with everyone, and that is okay.  Each person is on a unique journey and will have individual experiences and differing needs.

If you would like to work with me, please use the link to my website included in my bio.


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