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Get Started: Set up a Counselling Private Practice

Updated: Feb 21

Introducing TFTF: The Flourishing Therapist Framework

You've qualified! (or are about to!) Amazing! 

You've learned all the techniques to counsel people in whatever area or modality you've chosen. What an enormous amount of hard work, so many free hours you've spent, essays written, personal therapy hours...the list goes on. 

However, there may be some burning questions that need to be answered and leave you feeling uneasy. For instance, how do I start and run a private practice? Nobody explained that bit, did they?! 

You may be experiencing one or more or all of these symptoms: 

  • doubting your abilities 

  • delaying putting yourself out there 

  • massively underselling yourself 

  • wondering how the hell to get new clients. 

It's the missing piece they need to teach you when you train. But fear not! Before becoming a counsellor, I ran my own interior design business, so I was already familiar with pricing, marketing, and sales challenges. 

This came in handy with my counselling business, and I got my first ten clients within three months. I couldn't believe how easy it was - and there is more need than ever.  Seeing my success, my peers started asking for my help starting their business and getting their first clients, and I realised, 'I'm pretty good at this'. 

The more conversations I had, the more I understood the challenges that my peers were coming up against. 

They needed help setting up their business correctly (in terms of ethics and regulations) but were also required to do it in a way that allowed them to stay true to themselves, their beliefs, and their values. 

They needed support with pricing and structuring their offers so they could make money and create a long-lasting career (and this is often uncomfortable, as you have to get past charging people who are struggling and need help). 

And they needed help putting themselves out there, getting clients and retaining those clients beyond that first initial session. I took these challenges and created a programme where we worked on each step together. And that's what I do today, alongside my own thriving private practice. I help counsellors and therapists like you set up your private practice and get your first ten clients so you can create a long-lasting career that gives you the flexibility to choose when, where, and how you work. 

two women chatting with a white mug in an office

If you're nodding to all this and thinking, 'This is exactly what I need help with’, click below and head to The Flourishing Therapist Framework page to learn more. The course will launch fully in the spring, but I'm offering a 50% discount off the usual £800 for anyone who wants to join in February and March!

Already successfully up and running? Share this blog with a fellow newly qualified therapist who may benefit from this programme. I can't wait to get started!

Love, Jill x


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